Hugo Mir-Valette [codename:Kthara] develops deep sound from the sea
[medi terra neon], a fractal genre of music inspired by scientific data,
meteorologic behaviors, blurring harmonic subjectivities to focus on cymatics,
movement, narrative [musical] speculation, futuristic tools for tales, post-language studies.

This multi-disciplinary practice includes film scores, choreographic pieces, performances,
installations, DJ Sets, writings, data design, art direction and workshops.

His latest work is a vibrating sound sculpture, the Membrane,
created for Josèfa Ntjam’s “Swell of spæc(i)es”, presented at Venice Arte Biennale 2024. 

📂 portfolio

_2021-2022 Artagon resident 
_2022 DRAC PACA [AIC] Laureate.


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