Hugo Mir-Valette (editingworldgrid) is a sound artist, producer and DJ based in Marseille, France.

Its experiments constitute contextualized objects anchored in the present, through collaborations or introspection, considerations between time and space, interactive and sympoietic soundscapes, intents to transcend frontiers and due dates, to focus on respect and sharing in the knowledge of self.

It uses sound and technologies as a fertile soil to cultivate and share. 

It was born in 1989 in Montauban, France, and currently works in Marseille. Auto-didactic, it begun as a producer on Dado Records (founded by John Beltran) before co-founding project Apolatl between France and Mexico (2016-2019).

Its collaborations with Josèfa Ntjam include performances at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2020), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2022) Mucem, Marseille (2021), Festival La Bâtie, Genève (2021) or the Museo Nazionale de Roma (2021), and scores for the films Melas de Saturne (2020)and Myceaqua Vitae (2021).

Its sound installations and performances have been shown in collective exhibitions and performances including A plusieurs, Frac Lorraine, Metz, (2021) Sympoiesis, SOMA, Marseille (2022), Confessions Nocturnes, Festival Parallèle, Marseille (2022), Murmurations, Fraeme, Friche la belle de mai, Marseille (2022).

Hugo Mir-Valette is supported by the DRAC région Sud (Head of Cultural affairs, region South) and is a Artagon Marseille Resident.


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